16 July 2013


Niko Bellic, Serbian Russian, former employee of a top-end Russian import/export company who smuggled people, killed people and even brought guns, drugs, prosititutes and young women into other countries around Eastern Europe and Asia.

After a mistake with his former employee, Ray Bulgarin, Niko decides to move away from his home. He heard about these wild things that his cousin, Roman Bellic, used to get upto. Roman said he has a mansion, fancy sports cars, flashy clothes, loose women and other exploits. The only problem is... Niko doesn't know what other skills he has; except for one useful and powerful skill... killing people.

Enter Niko Bellic... the main character of Grand Theft Auto IV.

My Thought
I think that Niko's story in GTA IV is kind of a rough one at that. He goes through an awful lot and despite his cousin's issues, Niko has to deal with his cousin's terrible gambling problems. It's a good example of what would happen if you did bad gambling and end up in debt to mobsters who will stop at nothing to chase you down.
On the other hand, Niko has an important skill that some employees would employee him for. It's kind of the same reason why one of the largest secret organizations has employed Agent 47 to be a useful asset to their company, Niko would be useful to some important and large secret government agencies.
Niko actually works for the Liberty City National Security Agency (acting as the United Liberty Paper Merchants Company Limited).
If you call them up during the game, you'll hear the woman saying that their are no operatives at the phone. Same as James Bond who works for the British Government (acting as Universal Exports London Limited) and he's a operative aswell.
So here's your real answer - Niko Bellic is a secret agent.


Teaser Trailer 1 "Things Will Be Different" - Trailer Video - GTA IV - Rockstar Games

Niko Bellic - Character Video - GTA IV - Rockstar Games

Roman Bellic - Character Video - GTA IV - Rockstar Games

Official Website: http://rockstargames.com/iv
Official YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/rockstargames
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Additional Information
Since the release of GTA IV, it has spawned 2 DLC packs which boast bigger gameplay and other ways to uniquely explore Liberty City. Both DLC packs can be bought from XBOX Marketplace seperately and will require GTA IV disc to play, you can buy them from PS3 Store and you'll still need to have GTA IV disc to play or you can purchase the seperate game GTA Episodes From Liberty City or GTA IV The Complete Collection to play the 2 DLC packs without having to use GTA IV disc.

GTA IV (you play as illegal imigrant, Niko Bellic, who has arrived in Liberty City to see his cousin, Roman, who told him that he has been living The American Dream, when in fact, it was all just a lie to cover up for his own failures in a city torn up by corrupt cops, dangerous gangs and illegal goods in a city where anything goes.)
see post: http://warrenwoodhouse.blogspot.com/2013/07/gtaiv.html

GTA: Episodes From Liberty City (with the 2 DLC packs in 1 game disc, you'll never need to use the GTA IV disc to play this awesome collection.)
see post: http://warrenwoodhouse.blogspot.com/2013/07/gtaeflc.html

DLC Packs
GTA IV: The Lost And Damned (you play as outlaw motorcyclist avenger, Johnny Klebitz, with his crew The Lost Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, as he follows a series of events that shake the very foundations of Liberty City's biker underworld.)
see post: http://warrenwoodhouse.blogspot.com/2013/07/gtaivtlad.html

GTA IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony (you play as bodyguard, Luis Lopez, a bodyguard to nightclub legend, Tony "Gay Tony" Prince, as they embark on a journey through the nightlife of Liberty City's seedy criminal underworld.)
see post: http://warrenwoodhouse.blogspot.com/2013/07/gtaivtbogt.html

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