25 December 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Today was a good day for me. I had my family around me and my sister Kirsty's boyfriend, Ian, over for our Christmas Dinner.

I got lots of cool presents too. A new notebook for a start (hence this post), The Great Escape Definitive Edition (DVD), The Full Monty (2 Discs/DVD), Call Of Duty Ghosts (XBOX 360), Battlefield 4 (XBOX 360), Dark Chocolate Liquor's (one box has Scotch Whiskey and the other box has French Brandy), BBC TopGear Official Annual 2014, Only Fools & Horses Calendar 2014, Woody for Disney Infinity (XBOX 360), big box of Galaxy Minstrels (but I nearly ate all the chocs!), Angry Birds Black Bird Stereo Speakers by Gear4, Now! That's What I Call Music! Disney, Now! That's What I Call Music! 86, Olly Murs Right Place Right Time, Blue Glitter Tube Light, Traffic Light Disco Light Sound Responsive Lights and a selection crate of different alcohol bottled drinks such as pear cider (2x), whiskey, rose wine, brandy, other drinks too.
I also have a gift from my sister Kirsty and her boyfriend Ian who bought me a Dressage Show Riding Jacket.
I also have a gift from my sister Tabitha's boyfriend, Dean, who bought me a Emirates Boeing 777-300ER full scale model plane.

For Christmas Dinner we had Lobster and Crab. Unfortunately, my mum, Lisa, had a bit of a battle with the Lobster with de-clawing it and cleaning it out and getting all the stuff off of it. She said it took up only 2 small bowls full. My sister, Tabitha, said if she wanted to watch the YouTube video. While my mum was working on the Lobster, Tab was really wanting to help. She even named the Lobster "Lobby"!

So far it's been a great year for me from being selected to go to do a work placement in Denmark with ID Training to having my birthday and to go on a Christmas Train Ride at East Tanfield Railway, a very good year. I'm happy.

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