21 January 2014

Team Teddy

As team rider, founder and owner - Team Teddy is runned by the family as a whole.

From what I have experienced as a dressage rider myself is fun and exciting - the famous world of Equestrian eventing.

Me and Teddy (his real name is Sandy Shores), has a problem with his left eye which had an inflamation on the inside. I would like to thank those at Global Herbs for their product called Sarcex which allowed Teddy to see more clearly in his left eye and has also reduced the swelling and the problems. Teddy now performs better and this has helped me to be a better rider.

My choice in a pony couldn't have came as better as Teddy since he has a lot of free-spirit in him. Loves to take the mickey out of me now and then when he gets the chance.

His wonderful charm can not be replaced.
Team videos are available at http://youtube.com/kirstyyleighh1

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