10 June 2013

Dealing With Bullying

You know, I struggled with being bullied in my early days. I've been bullied online before too. Annoying people stealing my work from YouTube and "trying" to sell it on their own websites. Lucky enough, I found out early and started using my own license agreements to protect my videos for future use.

Being bullied can be a real challenge. Emotionally stressful and even worse if you are trying to do studying during school or college.

I was bullied by a teacher too. She wouldn't listen to my rights. I thought to myself "Enough is ENOUGH!!", I stood my ground and took out my student diary and showed her the school rules. She said "Your rights do not matter.". Who on Earth would say that to a 13 year old child who was just having a typical argument with a friend? I know, someone who doesn't understand the full story.

I then said that "You not listening to my rights does matter!". She said I had to stay in her office for the remainder of lunch time while she went off to lunch. Mind you, I left the office when she wasn't looking. I didn't go back either. Well, the reason why I didn't listen to her is that... well... who do you think I would be scared of more... a annoying teacher who thinks that not listening to someone is considered "nice", or listening to my own mum who I love dearly so much?

My point is that, something like this can be a challenge, so what you should do is stand your ground, not fight, but to stick up for your rights as they do matter, not just to you, but to those are listening. Your voice needs to be heard. So make it loud and clear.

Anyways, when I got home that day, I went to the living room and screamed my lungs out. The worst part of this is that my mum was on the telephone to a friend. Me, my mum and my dad all sorted it out. We asked the school board to consider my Head Of Year's attitude as inappropriate.

To this day, I remain strong in myself and I still believe that my rights do matter, and they always will.