10 August 2013


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How Google Owned...

This segment of my blog is about how Google owns other brands from companies that Google bought out, especially smaller companies which are now really, REALLY popular.
For more on this, check out our category titled "howgoogleowned"

Google bought Blogger from Pyra Labs, Ltd., back when the company was starting to lose profits. Pyra couldn't keep up with the amount of storage they needed for their users and the amount of power needed for servers is so great that it drains businesses pockets quite quickly! Pyra almost fell into liquidation until a very generous offer from Google which made Pyra accept.

Pyra was then moved from it's old base to the new current location of where Google is actually based... Googleplex - this link takes you to the official place on Google Maps!

So here we are, Blogger, the push-button weblogging platform from Pyra Labs, Ltd. which was free then and still is free now, with all of the original features still included in this current site (well, now the site has new layouts, but the old service is still there), Pyra and the team is really happy to be finally in a place where they can truly feel at home.

What a poetic irony!

posted by: Warren Woodhouse
article reference to: original Blogger site by Pyra Labs, Ltd., check out saved version at The Internet Archives
original Blogger (crawled version): archive, 1999, 2000