24 July 2016


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2011 NEWS

NEWS TITLE: NEAS World Autism Awareness Day 2011 Award Presented To Warren Woodhouse
TYPE: News Article/World Event
FROM: North East Autism Society (NE-AS)
TO/AUTHOR: Warren Woodhouse
DATE (DD/MM/YYYY): 02/04/2011
AT: The Vermont Hotel, Side, Newcastle - upon - Tyne, Tyne & Wear, England, United Kingdom.

Today, I received the NEAS World Autism Awareness Day 2011 Award. Presented to me after I have completed the 200ft abseil from the top of The Vermont Hotel in Newcastle. This award was presented by North East Autism Society (NE-AS)

2004 NEWS

NEWS TITLE: SSAFA Young Achiever 2003 Award Nominated/Presented To Warren Woodhouse
TYPE: News Article/UK Armed Forces Events
FROM: BFBS/SSAFA Forces Help Western Europe/Sixth-Sense Newspapers
TO/AUTHOR: Warren Woodhouse
DATE (DD/MM/YYYY): 14/01/2004
AT: Rheindahlen Halls, Rheindahlen JHQ, Mönchengladbach, Dusseldorf, Deutschland.

Today, I received the SSAFA Young Achiever 2003 Award. Presented to me by Major General Peter Sheppard, photo sessions for the Sixth-Sense Newspapers (British Forces In Germany Press) included both Peter Sheppard and BFBS Television 1 and BFBS Radio 1 presenter, DJ Simeon "Sim" Courtie.