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NEWS TITLE: NEAS World Autism Awareness Day 2011 Award Presented To Warren Woodhouse
TYPE: News Article/World Event
FROM: North East Autism Society (NE-AS)
TO/AUTHOR: Warren Woodhouse
DATE (DD/MM/YYYY): 02/04/2011
AT: The Vermont Hotel, Side, Newcastle - upon - Tyne, Tyne & Wear, England, United Kingdom.

Today, I received the NEAS World Autism Awareness Day 2011 Award. Presented to me after I have completed the 200ft abseil from the top of The Vermont Hotel in Newcastle. This award was presented by North East Autism Society (NE-AS)

2004 NEWS

NEWS TITLE: SSAFA Young Achiever 2003 Award Nominated/Presented To Warren Woodhouse
TYPE: News Article/UK Armed Forces Events
FROM: BFBS/SSAFA Forces Help Western Europe/Sixth-Sense Newspapers
TO/AUTHOR: Warren Woodhouse
DATE (DD/MM/YYYY): 14/01/2004
AT: Rheindahlen Halls, Rheindahlen JHQ, Mönchengladbach, Dusseldorf, Deutschland.

Today, I received the SSAFA Young Achiever 2003 Award. Presented to me by Major General Peter Sheppard, photo sessions for the Sixth-Sense Newspapers (British Forces In Germany Press) included both Peter Sheppard and BFBS Television 1 and BFBS Radio 1 presenter, DJ Simeon "Sim" Courtie.

11 November 2015

My Thesis On The True Location Of The Lost Kingdom Of Yamatai

As I was reading through some old books relating to The Ancient Lost Kingdom Of Yamatai, it mentioned of a disappearance of their "Sun Queen", which had mythical magical powers which claimed to be similar to the powerful rays of the Sun itself.

The Ancient Lost Kingdom which has been lost to The Japanese Empire & The Chinese Imperial Qing Dynasty for thousands of centuries, have some interesting hypothesises which have no real or near-enough explaination to the possible true locations of it's last location. It's last location is of importance when discovering The Lost Kingdom.

You may use some of my examples in your thesis, theories, hypothesis, etc. - just be sure to give credit to me, where possible, with a link back to my website. Thanks.

It has been said in ancient scrolls that The Ancient Lost Kingdom Of Yamatai, also known as The Court Of The Sun Queen, Yamatai, The Ancient Lost Kingdom Of Yamatai & The Lost Kingdom, was said in ancient scrolls to be near South Korea & South Japan. At the time, The Japanese Empire was huge to them, but to what we may see as small, since it wouldn't have occupied the entire island of Japan, where the country is based. The Lost Kingdom may be located in South Korea & South West Japan, currently, which shows the location of an island off the southern most coast of South Korea & South West Japan. Kumamoto is an island which supports one of my theories of the possible location of The Lost Kingdom.

Another location might be of Goto, which is also an island too, which is South Korea & South West Japan, more western of Kumamoto.

Other locations might be tiny islands with huge mountains and crop paddies might be of more significance since food production of high quality had a huge value in the earlist of Qing Dynasty centuries.

Another location might be of Yakushima, a tiny island way in South Korea & South West Japan. This tiny island is big enough to house a population of a small empiral army.

Another location might be of Yamaguchi, the name of which sounds similar and the location being South Korea & South West Japan. This city is on the island of Japan, so should play a vital role in the development of both The Chinese Imperial Empire & The Japanese Empire.

Both countries of The Chinese Imperial Empire & The Japanese Empire were fighting each other over who should decide to own the rights to what would later become South Korea.

For your further studies, you might want to check into books mentioning South Korea, which would be more of a starting point into your discovery.

Latest version of this thesis is available by CLICKING HERE

24 March 2014

Run - Poem By Warren Woodhouse

Poem Copyright ©2014 Warren Woodhouse. All Rights Reserved.

I don't want to be frustrated

I want to understand the world

I want to be happy

I want to be liked

I don't want to be bored

I want to do something fun

I want to be creative

I want a place I can call my own

I want a place I can call home

I want to be heard

I want a world where I feel safe and warm

I want to speak out loud

I want to run

I want to be free from my mind

I want to feel the air in my face and hair

I want a world where Autism conquers all

25 February 2014

Def Leppard's Vault: Greatest Hits (1980-1995) Album Review

I have been a fan of Def Leppard since the age of 14 and it’s been one of the albums that I have been mostly listening too. You might disagree if you’re not into rock; I assure you that listening to this album would make you agree to rock.

It’s not always shouting, in this case, Def Leppard introduce another way to get bromance through lyrics which are easy on the ears and makes you want to sing along, even if you’re not up for it.

I like the music on this album as it makes me happy and is a great experience if you want to get into rock music.

I got interested in this wonderful Sheffield British Hard Rock band and I’m sure that you would too.

“Vault” says everything about me and my personality and is the main reason for why I wanted to do this review.
I like this band and it’s the reason for why I got into listening to rock music.

19 February 2014


About Me
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My Favourite Games
Here is a list of my favourite games (shown below):

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16 February 2014


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GTA V Jobs

XB Race
Published: 2 Months Ago
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Map (Shown Below):

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Chequered Flag: Start/Finish
Yellow Dot/Yellow Waypoint: Checkpoint
Green Dot/Green Waypoint/Power-Up: Pistol
Yellow Path/Yellow Line: Circuit/Path

REQUIREMENTS: Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation 3 version) (requires: PSN Account and Rockstar Games Social Club Account)
PLAYERS: 1 to 6
GAME MODE: Land Race
RANK: Rank 1
LENGTH OF ROUTE: 0.91miles
DESCRIPTION: just race and have fun
VEHICLE CLASSES: Sports, Sports Classics
LOCATION: Vespucci Canals

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Guns, Fast Cars & Alcohol

"Guns, Fast Cars & Alcohol" by Steven "Carr" Jabowitz


24 January 2014



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21 January 2014

Team Teddy

As team rider, founder and owner - Team Teddy is runned by the family as a whole.

From what I have experienced as a dressage rider myself is fun and exciting - the famous world of Equestrian eventing.

Me and Teddy (his real name is Sandy Shores), has a problem with his left eye which had an inflamation on the inside. I would like to thank those at Global Herbs for their product called Sarcex which allowed Teddy to see more clearly in his left eye and has also reduced the swelling and the problems. Teddy now performs better and this has helped me to be a better rider.

My choice in a pony couldn't have came as better as Teddy since he has a lot of free-spirit in him. Loves to take the mickey out of me now and then when he gets the chance.

His wonderful charm can not be replaced.
Team videos are available at http://youtube.com/kirstyyleighh1

12 January 2014

Denmark Work Placement

Hey guys, good news! I've been mentioned on this blog post at http://idlimited.co.uk/denmark-work-placement in relation to my recent European Work Placement over at ID's European Partner, Hvidovre Production School, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The photo on there includes a selection of the ID Staff and Students who were selected to go onto the trip.
Although, the airport securities were tough (with absolutely no love at all), the ID Staff kept us all calm and happy.

I've been in hospital and recovered quickly. However, for what I have experience while being in Denmark is something I'm truly not going to forget; not ever.

I'm very proud and glad to be at ID and for what I have experienced so far, my life's journal is just yet to be written.

11 January 2014


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Warren Woodhouse CV
Redirected from http://warrenwoodhousecv.blogspot.com/

I am Warren Woodhouse and I'm currently studying Employability, Office Administration, Business Administration, Numeracy and ICT at ID Training.

I have a OCR Level 1 in ICT, OCR Level 1 in Numeracy, NCFE Level 1 in Employability, NCFE Level 1 in Office Administration, NCFE Level 1 in Business Administration, ASDAN 1NVQ in Independent Home Living Standards, AQA GCSE Double-Award Key Stage 3 in ICT.

I have received a Young Achiever Award and I have been in newspaper articles and radio interviews.

I also have been in the British Scouts Western Europe as a Patrol Leader for 1st Gutersloh Scouts Group in Germany for the BFG Community.

I have great communication skills and experience with team work. I am a keen team player and provide customer feedback.

  • Me Rock-Climbing At Break-Out, Swalmen, Holland. - Appeared in Sixth Sense Newspapers August 2004
  • Absailed 200ft from top of The Vermont Hotel, Newcastle - upon - Tyne, Tyne & Wear, England, United Kingdom. - Certificate Of Achievement 2nd July 2011 on World Autism Awareness Day
  • Rhiendaln Rooms, JHQ, Rhiendaln, Germany. - Certificate Of Achievement (Young Achiever Awards 2003) on 20th January 2004 presented by Sixth Sense Newspapers, SSAFA Forces Help Western Europe, BFBS Television Germany & BFBS Radio Germany
  • OCR Level 1 ICT - ID Training
  • OCR Level 1 Adult Numeracy - ID Training
  • OCR Level 1 Business Administration - ID Training
  • OCR Level 1 Office Administration - ID Training
  • OCR Level 1 Employability - ID Training
  • OCR Entry 3 Health & Social Care - ID Training
  • Burgham Horse Trials Rosette in RDA Dressage - Burgham Horse Trials 2011
  • ASDAN 1NVQ in Independent Home Living Standards - Kenton School & Kenton College
  • AQA GCSE Double-Award Key Stage 3 ICT - King's School
  • B-Tec GCSE Key Stage 3 Food Technology - King's School
  • Ed-Excel GCSE Key Stage 3 Mathematics - King's School
  • AQA GCSE Key Stage 3 Wood Technology - King's School
  • AQA GCSE Key Stage 3 German Language - King's School
I'm 22 years old and I live in Newcastle upon Tyne.
I currently make videos and music that I publish online. I also write short stories and mini-comics aswell.
I have been in the Sixth Sense Newspapers for British Forces Garrison in Germany while receiving a Young Achiever Awards 2003 award on the 20th January 2004 at Rhiendaln Rooms at Rhiendaln, Germany.
I have been on BFBS Radio 1 and BFBS Television 1 for a interview and and I have also been in the Sixth Sense Newspapers about me being on a SSAFA Forces Help Western Europe Holiday 2003 and 2004.
I was also a Patrol Leader for 1st Gutersloh Scouts Group from 2000, 2001 and 2002 while living under British Forces in BFG Community Gutersloh.

In my spare time I also enjoy horse riding, tennis, driving range golf, mini golf, museums and historial landmark sightings, travelling and I was a former PRB Gutersloh Football Club player.

I also have a rosette in dressage under the RDA and my schooling teacher Fiona Lauren who has teached me to ride. I received a Burgham Horse Trails 2011 Rosette In Dressage.


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06 January 2014

Back At College

Well, went back to college today. Very cold in the training room, mind. Well, the main radiators went a bit funny and then they stopped working. I got all my work done that I needed to finish from last years unit, so now I can move onto doing Health & Social Care Unit.

Tomorrow, ICT. Ah, my favourite subject. At least I enjoy ICT without having to worry so much.
It's still cold out so I just hope I wrap up warm for tomorrow. Need Hot Chocolate soon; very soon indeed.

01 January 2014


Marienfelder Straße 999, 33334 Gütersloh, Germany.

This used to be my favourite place when I lived in Germany. It had everything i need to make my shopping
experience more enjoyable and for someone who doesn't really enjoy shopping.. that's saying alot, ain't it?

Tivoli Gardens

Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København, Denmark.

I had a 2 week holiday and work experience abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it was thanks to the staff at ID Training who suggested that we all go to Tivoli - Denmark's oldest theme park, and very enjoyable with live shows, wonderful food, small shops, large restaurants, lots of rollercoaster rides and lots more. A wonderful experience that I won't ever forget.


Hello and welcome to my official website. I'm Warren Woodhouse and I love GTA V, photos, video games, family, friends, horse-riding, go-karting, web designing and blogging.

25 December 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Today was a good day for me. I had my family around me and my sister Kirsty's boyfriend, Ian, over for our Christmas Dinner.

I got lots of cool presents too. A new notebook for a start (hence this post), The Great Escape Definitive Edition (DVD), The Full Monty (2 Discs/DVD), Call Of Duty Ghosts (XBOX 360), Battlefield 4 (XBOX 360), Dark Chocolate Liquor's (one box has Scotch Whiskey and the other box has French Brandy), BBC TopGear Official Annual 2014, Only Fools & Horses Calendar 2014, Woody for Disney Infinity (XBOX 360), big box of Galaxy Minstrels (but I nearly ate all the chocs!), Angry Birds Black Bird Stereo Speakers by Gear4, Now! That's What I Call Music! Disney, Now! That's What I Call Music! 86, Olly Murs Right Place Right Time, Blue Glitter Tube Light, Traffic Light Disco Light Sound Responsive Lights and a selection crate of different alcohol bottled drinks such as pear cider (2x), whiskey, rose wine, brandy, other drinks too.
I also have a gift from my sister Kirsty and her boyfriend Ian who bought me a Dressage Show Riding Jacket.
I also have a gift from my sister Tabitha's boyfriend, Dean, who bought me a Emirates Boeing 777-300ER full scale model plane.

For Christmas Dinner we had Lobster and Crab. Unfortunately, my mum, Lisa, had a bit of a battle with the Lobster with de-clawing it and cleaning it out and getting all the stuff off of it. She said it took up only 2 small bowls full. My sister, Tabitha, said if she wanted to watch the YouTube video. While my mum was working on the Lobster, Tab was really wanting to help. She even named the Lobster "Lobby"!

So far it's been a great year for me from being selected to go to do a work placement in Denmark with ID Training to having my birthday and to go on a Christmas Train Ride at East Tanfield Railway, a very good year. I'm happy.


I'm a 24 year old college student working towards my NCFE ICT Level 2.
I have a rare Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and I also have a rare heart condition as well.
I'm a natural Dwarf/Small Person who has had to have Growth Hormone injections to help me grow 2in (inches) over 2 weeks. That was every night from the age of 5 to the age of 15. I'm now 4'11" in height, weighing 48.3kg.

I do like going horse-riding as a hobby and I also enjoy making free web designs, logo designs, taking photos, reading books, writing my own stories, playing video games, watching tv, writing reviews, reading reviews, running my own internet websites and basically enjoying myself to the full.

I have received numerous awards from such special charitable services as the SSAFA Forces Help Western Europe, Sixth Sense Newspapers (British Defense), North East Autism Society and I also have been on tv and radio to receive my Young Achiever Award which was presented by Sim Courtie of BFBS Radio 1 and BFBS Television 1.

09 November 2013

Denmark Work Diary

1st Day (Fri 25th October 2013): I arrived outside of Copenhagen Airport, cold, wet and waiting; itching to get into bed. Tired, excited... I waited as a taxi pulled up.

2nd Day (Sat 26th October 2013): We went to Tivoli Gardens, which was so beautifully decorated with lots of Halloween-themed designs and pumpkins. The rides were so cool, some rides were just as old as the themepark itself and the restaurants are expensive. Such a nice experience. At the end of the day, we went to Cafe Phoenix for a meal out. I ordered a burger and chips with a glass of Coca-Cola.

3rd Day (Sun 27th October 2013): We went on a sight-seeing tour around Copenhagen before we had lunch at an Italian Restaurant in Nyhavn (New Harbour). After lunch, we finished the rest of the tour before heading off to Rosenborg Castle to see the Crown Jewels, it's history, it's art and it's exhibitions. It was a fantastic day out which was such a lovely and warm experience.

4th Day (Mon 28th October 2013): We started our workshops today. My job was Painter/Decorator for ICON22 at 1 Filmbyen, Hvidovre, Kobnhavn, Danmark., same location is the hostel and other workshops are located, all of which are within easy walking distance. Apparently, I'll be painting the new building inside so that the production school can move in. We hope they like what we have painted. After sometime, we had lunch at Cafe Bataillionen, which is part of the same group who owns ICON22 -- Hvidovre Produktionsschole, which also owns the D'Kreativ Haus, Mediahaus, Filmbyen, ICON22, Cafe Bataillionen and other groups. After lunch, we all headed back to our workshops and then at the end of the day, we headed back to the hostel to have a meal in and then off to bed.

5th Day (Tues 29th October 2013): We continued our workshops today. Mine is Painting/Decorating at ICON22. We all had lunch again at Cafe Bataillionen, then we continued our workshops after lunch. At the end of the day, we all headed back to the hostel to get ourselves ready for our meal out at Pederoxe, which has waiters and waitresses dressed in old clothing which reminds me of when I went to Beamish Museum. I honestly can't remember what I ordered for dinner and desert but all I do remember is enjoying the meals.

6th Day (Wed 30th October 2013): We went to Den Bla Planet, which is Denmark's National Aquarium, which has just been built. We all saw wild and exotic animals, which fasinates me since I have a keen interest in science and nature. Once we got back to the hostel, we all had a meal in and just relaxed for the rest of the evening before heading off to bed.

7th Day (Thurs 31st October 2013): We continued our workshops today. Mine is Painting/Decorating at ICON22. We all had lunch again at Cafe Bataillionen, then we continued our workshops after lunch. At the end of the day, we all headed back to the hostel to get ourselves ready for our meal out at Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen to celebrate Eleanor's 26th Birthday today, who happens to be another member of our college on the same work experience/holiday. The Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen was full of cool guitars, rock memorabila and other amazing music features. I had a Red, White & Blue Burger (I like when it's "Well Done") with a Carlsberg Pilsner (Small) and for desert I had a Chocolate Thick Shakes Ice Cream. I really enjoyed my meal.

8th Day (Fri 1st November 2013): We continued our workshops today. Mine is Painting/Decorating at ICON22. We all had lunch again at Cafe Bataillionen, then we continued our workshops after lunch. At the end of the day, we al had our dinner at the hostel.

9th Day (Sat 2nd November 2013): We were all about to head off to Copenhagen Zoo today when I took a turn and fell down to the ground, vomitting and feeling extremely dizzy and cold. Luckily, staff from our college was there to help me out as well as local Copenhagen residents passing by who stopped by to provide me with a blanket, and a chair from a nearby alotment all before the ambulance turned up to drop me off at Hvidovre Hospital. A completely different sight to Copenhagen. Feeling much better now, I'll be resting up tomorrow while everyone else enjoys their fun at the zoo.

10th Day (Sun 3rd November 2013): While I'm resting today in the hostel with Adam, a member of staff from ID Training, our college, we decided to watch a James Bond film which was Die Another Day, which I really enjoy watching as I already have it in my own collection at home in Newcastle in England. While everyone went off to enjoy their day at the zoo, I was filling in my paperwork that everyone else will be doing when they return, then me and Adam had a wonderful Tomato Soup for lunch and then I had a 1 hour sleep afterwards. Everyone returned from their day out at the zoo and my friends brought me gifts which has placed a wonderful smile on my face and hugely warm thanks to everyone who gave me such gifts. We all had a dinner in the hostel which was something we ordered over the phone, which was Pizza and Chips with tons of Pizza, Chips and fizzy pop.

11th Day (Mon 4th November 2013): We continued our workshops today, except I decided to have a change in workshop and decided to try my hand at Design instead at D'Kreativ Haus. Me, Val (member of staff at ID Training), Georgia (member of staff at ID Training), Emma V, Emma P & Eleanor were all doing Design. We designed our own designs on already cutout 3D Letters such as A's, B's, C's and I picked the letter J since it is my dad's initial for his first name, which is Jason. I cut out pieces of things I like from pages in magazines and then we all had lunch at Cafe Bataillionen. Every lunch I had a wonderfully fresh piece of Cod without batter and sometimes with the odd bone or two, so it was extremely fresh as I could still taste the water on the scales. After lunch, we continued with our workshops. At the end of the day, we all headed back to the hostel to get ourselves ready for our meal out at Cafe Phoenix for dinner.

12th Day (Tues 5th November 2013): We continued our workshops today, Mine is Designing at Hvidovre D'Kreativ Haus. I placed varnish on my letter J, then I created a piece of artwork on a large blank A3 piece of paper and then converted my artwork to Photoshop Pro before heading off for lunch at Cafe Bataillionen. I had a lovely fresh piece of Cod again for lunch. After lunch, we all continued with our workshops. At the end of the day, we all headed back to the hostel to get ourselves ready for our meal out. We all went to Riz Raz for dinner and I ordered a Fish Fillet (Kids Portion) with a large cup of Hot Chocolate. Afterwards, we all headed back to the hostel and then to bed.

13th Day (Wed 6th November 2013): We went on a trip by train from Copenhagen Central Station (CPH-C) to a chocolate factory in Malmo, Sweden, across the main bridge that expands between Copenhagen, Denmark. & Malmo, Sweden. The train pulled into Malmo Central Station and then we walked around Malmo and explored the city. I saw a funny message on a shop window which said "Andy kissed Peter kissed Mary kissed Andy.", which is funny as it really doesn't make much sense. I was desperate to go for a wee and we saw this Public Toilet center in the main square and the inside of the center, it looked like an Apple iPad! Was very futuristic, all I wanted to do was go for a wee. Afterwards, we had lunch at Cafe Marx or something and then we headed off to the chocolate factory. By the time we turned up, I was almost tired but still extremely excited after all that long walking. The chocolate factory is called Malmo Chokladfabrik. We all had a fun day out in Malmo, Sweden. Afterwards, we headed back to Copenhagen.

14th Day (Thurs 7th November 2013): We finished off our last day at Hvidovre Produktionschole before we all had lunch at Cafe Bataillionen. After lunch, we had cakes, buffet food and gifts from the production school for all our hard work. At the end of the day, we all headed back to the hostel to get ready for our meal out at Hereford Beefstrow. I ordered a Lamb Hot Pot and a large pint of Coca-Cola. It was a lovely meal out. Afterwards, we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen giftshop to buy gifts for ourselves or our loved ones back in England before we headed off back to the hostel for the rest of the evening.

15th Day (Fri 8th November 2013): We all went to the Carlsberg Glyphotek Museum in Copenhagen and it took all morning. We all headed off back to the hostel to sort our bags out and to head off to Copenhagen Airport. We checked in, we had lunch at departure lounges before boarding our flight, then we ended up Amsterdam Airport and then finally, back at Newcastle International Airport, where my mum and dad were both waiting to great me with open arms upon my arrival. Over all, I enjoyed my experience with friends, college staff, meeting new people and going to wonderful places. Was well worth my time.

18 October 2013

Films Related To Autism

Here is a list of films that are related to Autism:

Season Of Miracles
Children Of The Stars
Dad's In Heaven With Nixon
The Horse Boy
Normal People Scare Me
Refrigerator Mothers
Too Sane For This World
After Thomas
Rain Man
Cries From The Heart
Son-Rise: A Miracle Of Love
Temple Grandin
Wretches & Jabberers
The Transporters
Mozart And The Whale
Miracle Run

Some of these films you might have seen before on TV or in a cinema. Rain Man stars Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise and Dustin plays the perfect version of what a Autistic person would have, a characteristic.

These films are all but good examples, and yet, I struggle to realize what the problem with Autism is.
I have a very rare case of Autism, as in, mine is on the outer edge of the spectrum. What I'm trying to say is that mine is between me being possibly normal and possibly disabled, it's that rare. No recorded evidence in my family history with no relation to this, so I could be the odd-one-out in my family.

It's all to do with the effect in the brain and the way the brain transmits data through the body.

13 October 2013


Tuesday 24th September 2013

I'm Not That Sad - Video Games - Audio Podcast 1

Description: This is my first ever audio podcast with video aswell. This podcast is about my reasons for why video games are sold and why certain people enjoy playing them and the reasons for why I play video games too. You can add this video link of mine into your iTunes if you would prefer to listen to it on there. Enjoy! The podcast video is shown below.

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Published On: Monday June 10th 2013
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Monday 11th February 2013

David's Podcast

Author: David Young

Description: This is a fantastic Newcastle United Podcast, enjoy! David

Posted In: Podcasts
Categories: People & Blogs
Published On: Monday February 11th 2013

23 September 2013

ICT Careers

ICT is not the easiest way to get into work unless you know what you are doing.

I like computers, but I would rather work in something around it.
Digital Photography, I enjoy that.

However, if you want to be an amazing designer of an app, you can.
Go to the Apple website (www.apple.com for those who don't know), and check out the sections about the SDK for iPhone. SDK is the Service Development Kit which allows you to create home-made apps or software applications for mobile phones or other devices.
Try using their creator.

If you don't feel up for this challenge, you can use a search engine to find other sources related to making apps, software, video games, animations or more.

Photography can also be incorporated into this because you can use your own graphics and photos which you can use to illustrate your products/apps more effectively.

Why not play around with designing things on the computer, especially if you're not a technology wizard and eventually you'll soon realize that your son or daughter or your friend or even... your girlfriend or wife, won't even know that you're amazing, till you show them.

17 September 2013


Michael De Santa is a veteran criminal with a reputation that made him famous to begin with until his career went down the drain after an incident involving the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) which made the loss of heist funds.

Franklin Clinton is an up-and-coming wannabe criminal who runs his own gang during certain days and on other days, he operates as a repo man for an Armanian dealership who cheats it's customers by bumping up prices to rich kids who want fast cars and have enough money to line their pockets. His life changed when his homeboy Lamar cheated him by stealing the bike they had to reposes.

Trevor Philips is a veteran criminal with anger issues and mummy troubles. His life changed after the FIB incident which turned sour while him and Michael Townley (now De Santa) when they were robbing the Ludendorff Bank in Ludendorff, only to finally be joined back up with Michael 9 years after the incident.

The game starts in 2003 where the Ludendorff Bank was preparing itself for the Christmas holidays only to find that a gang is holding the bank hostage unless it surrenders the money they have in the vaults. This is where the gang's possible early Christmas present changes, forever...

The game is very addictive and has much more improved graphics and designs. A nicer selection of tunes keeps the scene up-to-date with modern music to fill the environment with new thoughts and ways of being creative. The game has a huge storyline and every cutscene is different than the one before it (even if you play the game again, you'll notice a few changes in movement with the characters during the cutscenes since Rockstar Games use Euphoria which is made by Natural Motion).

The downside is the graphical errors and glitches such as changes to your actual TV settings to the changes from PAL to NTSC (which is not compatible with UK and European PAL Format TV's). Other glitches such as when trying to view TV shows and TV advertisements while playing the game can also cause the same effect (as mentioned above). Apart from that, the rest of the game seems fine and holds up better than previous installments.

CLICK HERE to see the photos that I have taken with my Snapmatic App.


The game includes a free DLC Pack titled as "Atomic Blimp Game Addon".
The game allows you to use your Rockstar Games Social Club Crews to take down rival crews, complete heists successfully, complete jobs successfully and more in the free online free-roam play in GTA Online (requires high-speed Internet connection - recommended suggestion is either Broadband or Wireless. Broadband is better if you have your account under Fiber Optic Cables.)
Official Game Website: http://rockstargames.com/v
Official Publisher Website: http://www.take-two.com/
Official Presenter Website: http://www.rockstargames.com/
Official Developer Website: http://www.rockstarnorth.com/
Uses Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE) by Rockstar San Diego: http://www.rockstarsandiego.com/
Official YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/rockstargames

Listed below is a list of easter eggs, which will be updated frequently as new ones will be discovered.
Click the words that say CLICK HERE to take you to the real-world address of that type of landmark or object.

1 (Salton Sea): In GTA V, it's titled as "Alamo Sea". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
2 (Joshua Tree National Park): In GTA V, it's titled as "Grand Senora Desert". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
3 (Angeles National Forest): In GTA V, it's titled as "add". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
4 (LAX): In GTA V, it's titled as "LSX". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
5 (County Of Los Angeles): In GTA V, the flag seal is titled as "County Of Los Santos".
6 (add): In GTA V, the flag seal is titled as "The Morning Glory County".
7 (Rancho Cold Storage): In GTA V, it's titled as "add". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
8 (East 7th St Bridge): In GTA V, it's titled as "add". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
9 (Los Angeles City Hall): In GTA V, it's titled as "Los Santos City Hall". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
10 (Los Angeles Metro Center): In GTA V, it's titled as "Los Santos Metro Center". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
11 (Westin Bonaventure): In GTA V, it's titled as "Arcadius Business Center". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
12 (Santee Alley Fashion District): In GTA V, it's titled as "Simmet Alley Fashion District". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
13 (VIP Tickets At The Figueroa Hotel): In GTA V, it's titled as "add" is the building with the 3 murals on. Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
14 (LA Downtown Car Wash): In GTA V, it's titled as "Premium Deluxe Motorsport". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
15 (Calipatria): In GTA V, it's titled as "Grapeseed". Check out the real town by CLICKING HERE
16 (Salton City): In GTA V, it's titled as "Sandy Shores". Check out the real town by CLICKING HERE
17 (Salton Sea Mobile Home Park): In GTA V, it's titled as "Stab City". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
18 (Calipatria Municipal Airport): In GTA V, it's titled as "McKenzie Airfield". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
19 (Salton Sea Airport): In GTA V, it's titled as "Sandy Shores Airport". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
20 (Pershing Square): In GTA V, it's titled as "add". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
21 (Dorothy Chandler Pavilion): In GTA V, it's titled as "Betsy O'Neil Pavilion". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
22 (Castle Argyle): In GTA V, it's titled as "The Gentry Manor Hotel". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE
23 (Extra Space Storage): In GTA V, it's titled as "VineWood Storage". Check out the real landmark by CLICKING HERE

10 August 2013


I've updated the following:

About page has been updated
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new posts added

How Google Owned...

This segment of my blog is about how Google owns other brands from companies that Google bought out, especially smaller companies which are now really, REALLY popular.
For more on this, check out our category titled "howgoogleowned"

Google bought Blogger from Pyra Labs, Ltd., back when the company was starting to lose profits. Pyra couldn't keep up with the amount of storage they needed for their users and the amount of power needed for servers is so great that it drains businesses pockets quite quickly! Pyra almost fell into liquidation until a very generous offer from Google which made Pyra accept.

Pyra was then moved from it's old base to the new current location of where Google is actually based... Googleplex - this link takes you to the official place on Google Maps!

So here we are, Blogger, the push-button weblogging platform from Pyra Labs, Ltd. which was free then and still is free now, with all of the original features still included in this current site (well, now the site has new layouts, but the old service is still there), Pyra and the team is really happy to be finally in a place where they can truly feel at home.

What a poetic irony!

posted by: Warren Woodhouse
article reference to: original Blogger site by Pyra Labs, Ltd., check out saved version at The Internet Archives
original Blogger (crawled version): archive, 1999, 2000

30 July 2013

ID Training Denmark Trip 2013

I've got good news everyone... I'm going to Denmark in October this year!
As part of a European Work Placement Programme, Me and a few others have been selected to go on a work programme in Copenhagen, Denmark. for 2 weeks as a taste for what life is like in Denmark for those living and working there.

As this is my first time to go to Denmark (not abroad, that's a entire different story for another day), I'll be on my best behaviour not just for the sake of my college but for the sake of myself.

The college I go to is ID Training at Westgate Community College at
Newcastle City Learning Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I'll be staying at Belægningen in Avedørelejren (The Coating in Avidore) which is the hostel on an old military camp that is now being used for other purposes.

The camp is called Avidore which is 10km from Copenhagen city center. Avidore translate to Camp Paradise in english. It's a nice old camp from what I have seen on Google Maps and Google Images so far.

I have found this old photo (shown below) from PanzerJudas who has photographed them for his for archive:

©PanzerJudas. All Rights Reserved.

Being back at college now after the half-term, I'm glad to let you know that the flights have been booked and we are ready to go. Only a month to go! So keep on reading my blog since more cool stuff is about to appear here.

I will being doing floristory as a work placement for 2 weeks. I have past experience in this, so this should be no problem for me.

Now, I will not be taking my camera incase I lose it, so I will be buying one of those disposible cameras before I go. I will take lots of snaps (which I will post on here, my Facebook and elsewhere), and I will get the transfers from non-digital to digital when I return.

My dad bought me a new watch that has a camera, mobile phone and other cool stuff in it. The camera is small so it might not take wonderful pictures, which is why I originally was asking my parents for a disposible camera in the first place.

1st Day: Today, I'm at college because we are preparing to leave Newcastle Airport to head to Amsterdam Airport and then we are travelling from there by plane to Copenhagen Airport.
Arrived outside of Copenhagen Airport. Wet, tired, excited; itching to crawl into bed. Waited as a taxi pulled up, so we all jumped in and headed off to the hostel which we will all be staying in for 2 whole weeks.

I'm now writing to you all from Denmark.
I'm here in Copenhagen on a lovely work placement experience for 2 weeks. So far, this week (1st week) has went well. I've been a bit sick, but this is due to me getting used to the area.

I'm now in Denmark but it turns out that floristory will be unavailable, so I guess I will have to do something else.

I will be writing back on here soon with updates of next week before I return back to merry-old England.

2nd Day: Today, we all got up and had breakfast at the Hvidovre Bataillionen Cafe. The breakfast was simple. A nicely toasted bun, jam, butter, honey, milk, water, different varieties of tea or museli. I had a buttered bun with honey and cup of tea. Today we will be in the Media Huset designing and carving our own Pumpkins.

Here are my Pumpkins that I thought I would upload to here for you guys to see:

Pumpkin 1
Here is my 1st Pumpkin (shown above)

Pumpkin 2
Here is my 2nd Pumpkin (shown above)

Mine is pretty cool since I also carved my nickname, Woza, into the back of it in big capital letters.

3rd Day: Today, I've went to Tivoli Gardens, which was full of Pumpkins and Halloween-themed rides and food. Afterwards, we all went out to have a bite to eat at Cafe Phoenix before we all headed off back to the hostel.

4th Day: Today, we all went on a sight-seeing tour around Copenhagen on the "Hop On - Hop Off" bus tour. The bus tour featured some amazing landmarks and sights to see. Large corporate buildings and we also seen The Little Mermaid! It was such a nice day out. After the tour, we all went to Nyhavn (New Harbour) to have lunch at an Italian restaurant before continuing on with the tour and we all then went to Rosenborg Castle to see the jewels and other amazing stuff. It was a great experience.

5th Day: Today, we started our production workshops at Hvidvore Produktionsskole. I picked painting/handy-crafts and it seemd like a simple job, or so it seems. After the painting, we all had a meal in the hostel before heading off to bed.

So tired, but ready to get into tomorrow.

6th Day: Today, we did our workshop. Mine is painting/handy-crafts. After the day, we all headed back to the hostel to get ready for our meal out at Peder Oxe, which has waiters and waitresses dressed in old-fashioned clothing which reminds me of Beamish.
I had a lovely meal and desert. I had a fun night out.

7th Day: Today, we all went to the Den Bla Planet - Denmark National Aquarium, which has just been recently built. We all saw wild and exotic animals from creatures that live in caves to Piranhas who live deep in the Amazon Rain Forest. This fasinated me so much since I have a keen interest in science and nature.

Once we got back to the hostel, we all had a meal in and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

8th Day: Today, we did our workshop. I'm still doing painting/handy-crafts. Although, I'm starting to get sick and tired of painting the same colour white over and over again. Still, at least I can change workshop next week.

After the day, we all headed back to the hostel to get ready for our meal out at the Hard Rock Cafe for Eleanor's 26th Birthday. The Hard Rock Cafe is next to Tivoli Gardens and opposite Copenhagen Central Station.

It was such a lovely cool place to be at. It has tons of cool rocking guitars and stuff. The waiters and waitresses got the whole restaurant to sing "Happy Birthday" for Eleanor. It was such a lovely gesture.

I had the "Red, White & Blue Burger (well-done)", a "Carlsberg Pilsner (small)" and for desert I had a "Thick Shakes Ice Cream (chocolate)". The dinner and desert was so yummy!

9th Day: Today, we did our workshop. Obviously, you know mine is painting/handy-crafts.

After the day, we all headed back to the hostel and had a meal in and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

10th Day: Today, we were all about to go to the zoo when an unexpected journey arrived from my tummy. I became very dizzy and sick.

Couldn't barely stand up; I could see the world spinning and I managed to clock a white Fiat that I think did 47 in a 40km zone! At this point, someone passing-by stopped to help me. She called for an ambulance and she gave me a blanket. Someone from a nearby alotment brought a chair for me to sit on. Such nice people in this country.

The ambulance arrived, I headed to Hvidovre Hospital with Adam Bird and Lucie Harris. Such nice support staff at ID. The medical servicemen in the ambulance were so helpful as was Adam and Lucie.

In the hospital, the doctor saw that I had no problems after he checked me over to see if there were possible signs of problems. No problems. So, he asked if he could take a blood sample too check further incase there was any problems. Still no problems, again.

The nurse came over to take a scan of my heart. She asked me to be quiet in a monotone voice. Adam, Lucie and I were laughing. I was saying to Adam and Lucie that with these electrodes stuck all over me I could end up picking up BBC 2 or ITV 1! Adam and Lucie couldn't help but laugh.

This was such a nice cultural experience, but I know I won't be doing any painting/handy-crafts tomorrow.

11th Day: Today, I had a rest inside the hostel all day. Me and Adam were watching "Cabaret" on the Danish TV channel, DR 1, while I was doing my work placement workbook.

Adam found the DVD Player on the side of the TV, so he quickly leapt up and headed over to the reception to get some DVDs for us to watch. He brought back these DVDs (listed below):

> Die Another Day
> Transformers Dark Of The Moon
> Land Of The Dead
> D-War

Me and Adam watched "Die Another Day" and then we watched "Transformers Dark Of The Moon".
Me and Adam had "Heinz Tomato Soup" with some bread for lunch. After watching "Transformers Dark Of The Moon", me and Adam decided to have a 1 hour kip before everyone came back from being out at Copenhagen Zoo.

For dinner, I took it easy by having 1 slice of pizza and a couple of chips before heading off to bed.

12th Day (start of the 2nd week): Today, I decided to try my hands at the design workshop at the Hvidovre Media Huset. I think this workshop would benefit me more. I did design with Val (ID Support Staff), Georgia (ID Support Staff), Emma V (ID Student) and Emma P (ID Student).

We designed our own 3D cardboard letters (I picked the letter J) with pictures and items from magazines scattered on the table. We stuck them down with PVA Glue.

I designed mine with Audrey Hepburn on it, so I decided to make Audrey's new house using pictures from magazines. It was so much fun.

Letter J
At the top of this picture is my letter J, laying flat sideways from left to right.

After the day, we all headed back to the hostel to get ready for our meal out at Cafe Phoenix in Copenhagen.

I had a "Lazenge (kids portion size)" with a "Glass Of Water". It was a lovely meal out.

13th Day: Today, I did the design workshop. We finished up our previous designs by using PVA Glue to varnish our designs.

Afterwards, we designed our own pieces of artwork by hand which was later to be transferred to the computer digtially. Mine was then laminated.

We all headed off for lunch in the Hvidovre Cafe Bataillionen and after, we all continued with our artworks.

16 July 2013


Niko Bellic, Serbian Russian, former employee of a top-end Russian import/export company who smuggled people, killed people and even brought guns, drugs, prosititutes and young women into other countries around Eastern Europe and Asia.

After a mistake with his former employee, Ray Bulgarin, Niko decides to move away from his home. He heard about these wild things that his cousin, Roman Bellic, used to get upto. Roman said he has a mansion, fancy sports cars, flashy clothes, loose women and other exploits. The only problem is... Niko doesn't know what other skills he has; except for one useful and powerful skill... killing people.

Enter Niko Bellic... the main character of Grand Theft Auto IV.

My Thought
I think that Niko's story in GTA IV is kind of a rough one at that. He goes through an awful lot and despite his cousin's issues, Niko has to deal with his cousin's terrible gambling problems. It's a good example of what would happen if you did bad gambling and end up in debt to mobsters who will stop at nothing to chase you down.
On the other hand, Niko has an important skill that some employees would employee him for. It's kind of the same reason why one of the largest secret organizations has employed Agent 47 to be a useful asset to their company, Niko would be useful to some important and large secret government agencies.
Niko actually works for the Liberty City National Security Agency (acting as the United Liberty Paper Merchants Company Limited).
If you call them up during the game, you'll hear the woman saying that their are no operatives at the phone. Same as James Bond who works for the British Government (acting as Universal Exports London Limited) and he's a operative aswell.
So here's your real answer - Niko Bellic is a secret agent.


Teaser Trailer 1 "Things Will Be Different" - Trailer Video - GTA IV - Rockstar Games

Niko Bellic - Character Video - GTA IV - Rockstar Games

Roman Bellic - Character Video - GTA IV - Rockstar Games

Official Website: http://rockstargames.com/iv
Official YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/rockstargames
(note: some of these videos on this post are from other YouTube channels online)

Additional Information
Since the release of GTA IV, it has spawned 2 DLC packs which boast bigger gameplay and other ways to uniquely explore Liberty City. Both DLC packs can be bought from XBOX Marketplace seperately and will require GTA IV disc to play, you can buy them from PS3 Store and you'll still need to have GTA IV disc to play or you can purchase the seperate game GTA Episodes From Liberty City or GTA IV The Complete Collection to play the 2 DLC packs without having to use GTA IV disc.

GTA IV (you play as illegal imigrant, Niko Bellic, who has arrived in Liberty City to see his cousin, Roman, who told him that he has been living The American Dream, when in fact, it was all just a lie to cover up for his own failures in a city torn up by corrupt cops, dangerous gangs and illegal goods in a city where anything goes.)
see post: http://warrenwoodhouse.blogspot.com/2013/07/gtaiv.html

GTA: Episodes From Liberty City (with the 2 DLC packs in 1 game disc, you'll never need to use the GTA IV disc to play this awesome collection.)
see post: http://warrenwoodhouse.blogspot.com/2013/07/gtaeflc.html

DLC Packs
GTA IV: The Lost And Damned (you play as outlaw motorcyclist avenger, Johnny Klebitz, with his crew The Lost Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, as he follows a series of events that shake the very foundations of Liberty City's biker underworld.)
see post: http://warrenwoodhouse.blogspot.com/2013/07/gtaivtlad.html

GTA IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony (you play as bodyguard, Luis Lopez, a bodyguard to nightclub legend, Tony "Gay Tony" Prince, as they embark on a journey through the nightlife of Liberty City's seedy criminal underworld.)
see post: http://warrenwoodhouse.blogspot.com/2013/07/gtaivtbogt.html

01 July 2013

GTA IV - The Lost And Damned

In this 1st DLC Pack, you get to play as motorcyclist Johnny Klebitz as he takes control of a notorious Alderney City biker gang known as The Lost Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (The Lost), in the game Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned.

10 June 2013

Dealing With Bullying

You know, I struggled with being bullied in my early days. I've been bullied online before too. Annoying people stealing my work from YouTube and "trying" to sell it on their own websites. Lucky enough, I found out early and started using my own license agreements to protect my videos for future use.

Being bullied can be a real challenge. Emotionally stressful and even worse if you are trying to do studying during school or college.

I was bullied by a teacher too. She wouldn't listen to my rights. I thought to myself "Enough is ENOUGH!!", I stood my ground and took out my student diary and showed her the school rules. She said "Your rights do not matter.". Who on Earth would say that to a 13 year old child who was just having a typical argument with a friend? I know, someone who doesn't understand the full story.

I then said that "You not listening to my rights does matter!". She said I had to stay in her office for the remainder of lunch time while she went off to lunch. Mind you, I left the office when she wasn't looking. I didn't go back either. Well, the reason why I didn't listen to her is that... well... who do you think I would be scared of more... a annoying teacher who thinks that not listening to someone is considered "nice", or listening to my own mum who I love dearly so much?

My point is that, something like this can be a challenge, so what you should do is stand your ground, not fight, but to stick up for your rights as they do matter, not just to you, but to those are listening. Your voice needs to be heard. So make it loud and clear.

Anyways, when I got home that day, I went to the living room and screamed my lungs out. The worst part of this is that my mum was on the telephone to a friend. Me, my mum and my dad all sorted it out. We asked the school board to consider my Head Of Year's attitude as inappropriate.

To this day, I remain strong in myself and I still believe that my rights do matter, and they always will.

01 January 2013


21 July 2006

Warren Woodhouse

My 2nd blog post. Here, I'll blog about my creative content and things I've achieved so far. I'll also blog about my gaming experiences, my gaming videos and my horse riding experiences.

Please feel free to leave a comment and I look forward to reading your reply soon.

01 January 2001

Woodhouse Productions

My 1st blog post. I've finally joined Blogger and decided to write my blog post. I'll be blogging about my gaming experiences, my gaming videos and my horse riding experiences.

Please feel free to leave a comment.