23 September 2013

ICT Careers

ICT is not the easiest way to get into work unless you know what you are doing.

I like computers, but I would rather work in something around it.
Digital Photography, I enjoy that.

However, if you want to be an amazing designer of an app, you can.
Go to the Apple website (www.apple.com for those who don't know), and check out the sections about the SDK for iPhone. SDK is the Service Development Kit which allows you to create home-made apps or software applications for mobile phones or other devices.
Try using their creator.

If you don't feel up for this challenge, you can use a search engine to find other sources related to making apps, software, video games, animations or more.

Photography can also be incorporated into this because you can use your own graphics and photos which you can use to illustrate your products/apps more effectively.

Why not play around with designing things on the computer, especially if you're not a technology wizard and eventually you'll soon realize that your son or daughter or your friend or even... your girlfriend or wife, won't even know that you're amazing, till you show them.

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